About Edisford Joinery & Construction

The Edisford Joinery and Construction workshop covers 3500sq ft and has recently been completely refurbished with significant investment in state-of-the-art machinery. Combining traditional skills with the latest technology means we can offer an incredible level of precision on your bespoke items in a variety of timbers.

A high standard of workmanship and our flexible workshop and spray booth allow us to suit any requirements. With our commitment to quality, we are able to meet the demands of professionals in the commercial, construction and property management sectors as well as continuing to serve discerning homeowners across Lancashire.


Why Choose Us?

  • As a respected member of the British Woodworking Federation, our offering is backed up by the best support and advice in the industry; which means our customers benefit from the same.
  • We’re well versed in all the latest developments, regulations and health and safety aspects of working in the Joinery sector.
  • Edisford Joinery and Construction is a registered manufacturer of high performance Accoya modified timber.
  • From bridges and bi-fold doors, to stairs and sash windows – everything we produce is designed and custom made to your exact specification.  

Key Services & Skills

The traditional skills of our team have been acquired through many years of hands-on experience combined with the highest levels of NVQ training.




Edisford Joinery & Construction utilises the very latest in high spec woodworking equipment for manufacturing precision and the finest finish.




We can turn our hand to any project, in any timber, with all the attention to detail you would expect from such a highly regarded company.



Our flawless reputation rests in our customers’ hands, so you can be sure we approach every project with the same outstanding level of professionalism.